20 Ways for Young Women to Claim the Respect They Deserve

10 02 2011

1. Dress in a way appropriate to your dignity. As Crystalina Evert, an awesome chastity speaker puts it, “Don’t walk around sending the message that your body is the best part of you—implying that your heart, mind, and soul aren’t so important. Instead, say with your modesty, ‘I’m worth waiting to see.’”

2. Refuse to sleep with a man until you have his wedding ring on your finger. IF HE REALLY LOVES YOU, he’ll wait. This respect—both the respect you will have for yourself and the respect the man will have for you—will carry over to your marriage someday.

3. Don’t wear degrading T-shirts with messages like “Who needs a brain when you have these?” (now discontinued because of protests). Consider refusing to buy from stores or manufacturers that make and sell these things. And don’t wear pants or shorts with writing across your bottom unless that is where you want to draw every pair of eyes that looks at you!

4. KEEP YOUR STANDARDS HIGH FOR WHO YOU WILL DATE. A real man will rise to meet your standards, but if you stoop and lower yours to his, you’ll have much to regret, and he will not be challenged to be a better man. You may be discouraged, but amazing men do exist. They are having just as hard of a time as you are at living purely in an impure world. One of them is fighting the uphill battle for you, so don’t let him down. And PRAY for him!

5. Pray to be more like Mary. Was there ever a woman more beautiful and dignified than the Mother of God? Pray 3 Hail Marys a day for purity of mind, purity of body, and purity of heart.

6. Confront any guy who ogles you with his eyes or touches you inappropriately. Rather than laugh at it, firmly (but respectfully and perhaps in private) let him know that this is completely unacceptable. You will be doing him and yourself a favor.

7. Don’t be duped by the media’s promotion of the falsehood that physical perfection is both possible and required. (Check out the Evolution Film at http://www.campaignforrealbeauty.com to see how much work it is to appear physically flawless.)

8. Don’t go to restaurants where the women (or men) servers’ bodies are put on display to attract customers.

9. DO let a guy be a gentleman. As long as he is holding the door or pulling out your chair with the right spirit, he isn’t saying that you aren’t capable of doing these things yourself. He is saying that you are worth so much that he wants to honor you with his actions.

10. Avoid clothing (even prom dresses or swimsuits) that seem as if they were made for the purpose of allowing men who are not your husband to enjoy the sight of parts of your body God made extra-special and are not to be seen by the whole world.

11. Say a prayer every time you see a woman dressed inappropriately, whether in person or on TV, etc. Pray that she will recognize her true worth, and pray that men will not be led astray by her.

12. Treat each person you meet with respect. Don’t let your kindness or attention depend on the other person’s (girl’s or guy’s) popularity or physical attraction. If you do, you could miss out on amazing and beautiful relationships.

13. Be GENUINE. There will only be one of you for all of eternity, and there is a place that only you can fill—fearlessly be yourself. Your genuineness will be a noticeable quality that will bring others to respect you. St. Catherine of Siena once said, “If you are what you should be, you will set the whole world on fire.”

14. Treat your body as a temple of the Holy Spirit. Jesus bought you with the price of His blood spilt on Calvary. Don’t make light of that supreme gift by degrading your body through drugs, alcohol, or premarital sex. Be careful not to put yourself in situations where you might do something you’ll regret. Alcohol makes you vulnerable, and there are many girls who have been raped either by choosing to drink or even by having something slipped into their drink. Please, don’t think that it can’t happen to you.

15. Refuse to believe the lies. Satan and the world will whisper lots of them in your ear. (You need to lose 5 more pounds before he will consider asking you out. Your parents don’t understand ANYTHING. You’re just not good enough to be loved.) Sound familiar?

16. Become the woman God made you to be. Work on virtues like gentleness, patience, and courage. As Proverbs 31 says, “Charm is deceptive, and beauty fleeting, but the woman who fears the Lord is to
be praised.”

17. Show the world that modesty doesn’t equal frumpiness. You can dress cute AND be modest. It may take some extra effort, but don’t let anybody tell you it’s not possible.

18. Be grateful to be a woman! Women have incredible gifts, and you also have qualities and talents unique only to you. Glorify God by developing and using the gifts you’ve been given.

19. Be an example to all of the young girls you know—your sisters, cousins, and neighbors. They deserve better than what the world is offering, and they’re depending on you to model truth and real beauty to them.

20. Most important of all, make Jesus your Best Friend. He’s the only One who is always faithful, and He’ll encourage you as you strive to stand up and claim respect. He’ll give you strength to become who He made you to be, and He’ll pick you up every time you fall.

These 20 suggestions were written by Kristie Wellman, One More Soul’s Coordinator of Youth and Family Outreach and a young woman trying to claim respect herself. You can contact her at Kristie@omsoul.com.

Copyright 2007 One More Soul http://www.omsoul.com (800) 307-7685

So I’m Starting a blog…

8 02 2011

With so many things happening in my life I feel as though I am going to forget all of the amazing moments and learning experiences that I have ever encountered.  I once had a blog many years ago (at an undisclosed location for obvious reasons…Maybe I’ll post it later if I can find it again) and after reading back the words of my younger self I noticed that there were so many small and insignificant things that happened in my life that have established and formed me into the woman that I am today.

At the time of my previous blog I was a Civil Engineering student trying to find my identity as a newly single lady.  So much has changed since then and I am so surprised to see where I am today.  Obtaining a degree in Math with an emphasis in Statistics and now a youth and music minister. I never would have known that my love for the Church would have overcome my love for self sustainability.  I always wanted to be able to rely on me and me alone.  However, by becoming an active member of my faith, it has showed me that I cannot do anything alone.  I need my family, friends, and most of all I need God.

I have no idea what this blog will turn out to be nor do I know if anyone will find it interesting.  I feel the need to express myself on a platform where my ideas will be heard.  I have noticed that my small voice is not overheard amongst the innumerable outspoken individuals that I love so much.  But here on this platform I can speak uninterrupted, share without reservation, and feel as though I am participating in a movement where anyone can express their thoughts and ideas.

I long to be heard and understood.  As soon as I sing I immediately feel both.  Give me a bedazzled microphone and I am one happy camper! I thank God everyday for that gift.  I think he knew that I would need that place where he and I can be together.  A place where I can always find him no matter what.  Even through trials and struggles and as much as I try to run from him he always finds me in worship.

If I were to tell someone one thing about God I would say that he is an amazing love and he reveals himself to me in the most unlikely places.  Recently God has placed several people in my life that have revealed to me how much God loves me.  One of which is an amazing atheist man.  Whom I will be eternally grateful for.  (More on that later) I am also so thankful for the people God has continually chosen to put in my life for so long.  I find that they are my strength and my constant reminder that I have people I can turn to when I am in need.

Well this is just a first post… Can’t get too crazy or in depth here.